Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Brief Break From Romans

A few sidenotes before jumping back into Romans--
1) Prayers are appreciated for my family. My mother is in the hospital after blacking out while shopping. Seems to be okay but they are still running tests.
2) Finishing N.T. Wright's brilliant book on eschatology "Surprised by Hope." Highly recommend it. Will give Tim Keller's book "Reason for God" a run for its money for best book of the year.
3) Planning to see "Expelled" this week. Reviews have been pretty positive.
4) Check out the book review for "Rapture Ready" over at The book is an examination of the often bizarre world of Christian subculture.
5) Am preaching next weekend. It will be loud and tick off a lot of people for no other reason than trashing belief in the rapture.
God bless!