Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kimball Finally Throws Down

Dan Kimball has often been put forth as the Emergent Village's token Evangelical. Kimball may have trendy hair and pastor a church filled with kids who look like they only shop at Hot Topic and have so many piercings that they appear to have rolled around in a tackle box, but Kimball's theology has always been thoroughly orthodox even if Dan himself is a bit vanilla in his attempt to keep everybody happy. Yet, Kimball has finally gotten at least a little irked by his fellow Emergents and the spark is the ever growing consensus among the leftish leadership that Hell either doesn't exist or, at the most, is a metaphor for the quick, painless annhilation of the soul. In a recent article in Leadership Kimball pleads for the church to return to the proclamation of the traditional view of Hell. As someone who has preached on Hell and taken heat for it (oh, come had to be done) let me say, "welcome to the party, Dan!"