Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Rock is Ours!

So even Relevant Magazine's Podcast weighed in on the great "Indian Rock Head" feud between KY and OH.

Now let me get this straight, this 2-ton rock was lost or purposely dumped into the Ohio River sometime roughly 90 years ago and was only recently retrieved by an Ohio dive team and Kentucky is actually screaming about getting their "precious" rock back? In fact, one Kentucky legislator called the Ohio dive a "raid"! So, Kentucky loses a 2-ton rock, they lack the "advanced technology" to find it or assemble a crack dive team to get it and then complain that part of their "heritage" has been stolen? Mmmmkay. May I ask the good people of Kentucky what they plan to do with their precious rock? Are they just going to sit it in front of a Speedway so that holler creatures can "spit backi" on it and cover it with Krylon?

Good people of Kentucky, please just go back to doing what you do best--making whiskey and losing basketball games! The rock is ours!