Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Am I Just Too Darn Loud?

Why do I scream like a friggin' maniac when I preach? Why do I use "raw language" when I preach like calling people "self-absorbed, materialistic perverts?" Aren't I supposed to correct with gentleness?

Okay, first of all, no I don't always preach in that manner. It depends on the text and context of where and when I'm preaching. Second, to paraphrase Mark Driscoll, when someone criticizes your preaching then pray about it and reflect upon it and if the critic is right then repent humbly but if they are wrong then ignore it and get over it. So, I have and will do so.

However, please keep all of the following in mind, if we let the Bible define the Bible and speak to us today as God's Word then we need to keep a few things in mind: (1) Jesus used "raw" language and called people "the children of the devil" i.e., your momma shagged Satan. Paul also used such language calling people "dogs" or "whitewashed walls" which are the modern equivalents of things I can't blog about without getting blocked by a lot of filters! (2) the greatest revivals in history have been sparked by preachers proclaiming the Gospel with all of its rough edges. Do yourself a favor and Google Jonathan Edwards' classic sermon "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God." Heck, pick up any collection of sermons from the 1st or 2nd Great Awakening and see what I mean. John Wesley himself claimed that he didn't preach grace until he had everyone in tears over their sins!

Also, my bros & sisters, just read your Bibles. I know that we have all grown accustomed to soft, pleasant sermons that are essentially "How to Succeed in Life without really Trying" or pats on our spoiled, soft narcissistic heads. Whether its Rick Warren or Joel Osteen or Rob Bell, as different as they all are theologically, they still all preach the "Gospel Light" that appeal to different base instincts but Scripture simply does not support such an approach.
Then again, maybe I'm just too darn loud and nasty or perhaps you're all just self-absorbed, materialistic perverts!