Thursday, November 22, 2007


I'm thankful for so many things this year. My salvation is always first and foremost. My beautiful wife and amazing son are second and not far behind are my parents (better known as Scott & Alice Kaye). My parents have worked so hard to escape poverty and near poverty, respectfully, put 5 kids through college (and in some cases grad school) while serving as God's instruments to build a church of 1000+ attendees in a town of roughly 20,000 (that's a better percentage than Smilin' Joel Osteen).

More importantly, they have modeled Christ for me (and many others) for decades. They have taught me that life is not about degrees or material goods but about shining the light of Christ into the darkness and standing before the throne as loyal warrior of God (albeit still relying on grace through the cross).

I am thankful not only for the grace of the cross but for the great grace of having been born into a home where Christ is rightly viewed as King.

Which reminds me, many people ask me when my parents are going to slow down and retire into the "good life." I tell them that I hope they never retire! Their ministry may change but they should never stop (On this topic, see John Piper's great book "Don't Waste Your Life"). Perhaps my father will hire an executive pastor and do nothing but preach and teach or maybe the opposite (I don't know of anyone who is better at running the day-to-day operations of a church) or who knows what God will call him to do. Perhaps my mother will oversee a team of women's ministers or take up some type of social justice or outreach ministry but God forbid they ever retire! They have been called by God and need to follow that call all the days of this life.

Don't be surprised if 20-25 years from now they're sitting in wheel chairs with Bibles in hand teaching in a "retirement community" like Francis Schaeffer did up to the day he went to worship before the Throne.

Praise God for them both.