Saturday, December 1, 2007

Album of the Year

My favorite album of the year by far is Demon Hunter's "Storm the Gates of Hell." I received the deluxe edition CD a few weeks ago and have not stopped listening to it.

The guys in Demon Hunter are an interesting lot. They are gothed out and tatooed up. They are also MTV2 Headbanger's Ball faves (did you even know that Headbanger's Ball still exists?). In fact, they look like the last dudes you would want to run into late at night.

However, they are actually deeply committed Christians. Some members even engage in prison ministry.

Check them out at and as friends on my MySpace page (the extra "r" is for righteous!).

They also grace the cover of the latest HM magazine (i.e., Heaven's Metal. Do you have a subscription?...I do!).

If you grew up with Metallica in your tape player, wore black tees, ripped jeans and dangly earrings but have repented from looking as though you do all your shopping at Spencers yet still crave metal then check out Demon Hunter.