Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Have Faith In "Billy Ball"

I was raised by two Kentuckians who are rabid UK basketball fans. Despite the "handicap" of being born in Ohio, I also caught the UK B-ball bug at a young age. If any of you follow college basketball then you know that UK is off to its worst start in years and many blame the new head coach, Billie Gillespie but this is a mistake.

Former head coach Tubby Smith headed north just as he saw the once great UK program falling apart under his watch. Tubby is a fine man but he was a terrible recruiter, a poor disciplinarian and an awful offensive strategist. Coach Gillespie is simply playing the crappy hand he was dealt. The only bright light on the whole team is phenom Patrick Patterson who came to UK largely because of Billy G. I can't even imagine what kind of program it would be without Patterson and with Tubby! Yes, my fellow Wildcat fans, it will be a long season. In fact, it will be the worst since Pitino's 1st season when he took over a program under NCAA suspension but it will get better. Billy G. is a gifted recruiter with a gift for turning programs around (just look at what his Texas A&M team is doing right now!). Now, I am neither a prophet nor the son of a prophet (and I work for a non-profit) but although the immediate future is bleak, I predict that a great few years lay ahead of us! I am a believer in Billy Ball! We now return to our regularly scheduled blogs pertaining to theology and politics.