Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christianity Today's Response to "Unchristian"

The Editors of Christianity Today have posted an interesting assessment of Lyons' & Kinnamman's book "Unchristian." On the one hand, CT warns the church not to craft their theology based purely on the views of the unchurched, as history has taught us that this is a disastrous move, but, on the other hand, they caution:

"While we think we're standing for righteousness, we often come across as judgmental. While we think we're trying to apply Christian ethics to the social scene, it comes across as mere politics. While we think we're paragons of virtue, others see deep moral flaws in us. These are not merely image problems, but character issues that get to the core of what the church is and should be."

It is true that a number of outspoken Christians need to soften their rhetoric and remember that, according to Scripture, the harshest criticism is reserved for those within the church. That being said, it may be impossible to stand for the unborn and not appear to many as "political" and and the only Christians I know who see themselves as a "paragons of virtue" are arrogant, liberal emergents rather than orthodox Christians who, by and large, see themselves as nothing more than sinners saved by grace.