Friday, December 28, 2007

The Alpha & The Omega--Part One

The great 4th Century Christian thinker Augustine wrote that one day in class a fellow student asked the teacher what God was doing before He made the world? The teacher responded, "making hell for people who ask such questions!"
Well, I don't know what God was doing before He created the heavens & the earth (or even before he made hell for overly inquisitive seminary students) but I do know why He created it.
This weekend I am preaching on The Alpha & The Omega. According to the prologue to the Gospel of John, the world was created through and for the Son, i.e. Jesus. It was made for him and by him. It is his. Jesus is the Lord of all creation (including hell but more on that later this weekend). So, if you're in Portsmouth, Ohio this weekend (and who isn't!) then stop by Christ's Community Church on Saturday night at 5 or Sunday morning at 10:30 and I'll yell for thirty minutes about the Alpha and Omega. Will post more on the Omega this weekend but don't fear, I'm not a dispensationalist so no rants about Israel and Iran complete with charts, etc.