Saturday, January 5, 2008

Che McLaren

Brian McLaren has been drifting farther and farther leftward over the last few years and he was already to the left of Tony Campolo. I recently ran across a "conversation" McLaren had with a Ed Dobson and Mike Whittmer at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary a little over a year ago. Whittmer asked McLaren what doctrines are essential to the Christian faith but the ever evasive former literature prof turned emergent spokesman refused to answer and instead rattled off a few examples of "orthopraxy" i.e., what Oprah calls Random Acts of Kindness.
Add this to the fact that McLaren's latest book endorses liberation theology (i.e., Christian Communism that believes the Kingdom can be perfectly established on earth without the need of Christ or anything like that) and you can officially write McLaren out of the "evangelical camp" and into the neo liberal brotherhood (i.e., 1920's liberalism/social gospel set to an indie rock soundtrack). I wish Brian, Tony Jones, Doug Pagitt, Rob Bell and other so-called progressive thinkers could spend some time with the liberation theologians who supported the commies in central America in the '80's and were promptly run out of their respective countries once the USSR fell much to their surprise. Turns out the "least among them" actually wanted none of their pie-in-the-sky utopian non-sense that wrecked Russia and most of eastern Europe.