Friday, January 11, 2008

Cool Church Names?

"Cool" church names are in. For example, there is The Village in Dallas, Mosaic in Los Angeles, Vintage Faith in Santa Cruz, Scum of the Earth in Denver (my favorite!) and, of course, Mars Hill in Seattle.
Does a new church need to have a non-church name to be "emerging" or "relevant reformed"? Brian McLaren claims there is a "revolution" happening in mainline churches but if you planted "Second Street Presbyterian Church" in Ohio would tweens, busters and bridgers check it out as quickly as "Revolution NYC"? Okay, bad example because last time I checked people weren't flocking in droves to check out Revolution NYC but you get the point.
I have the desire to plant a church one day and the name that keeps popping in to my head is "Kairos" but would that just date the church to this point in time?