Sunday, January 13, 2008

Huckabee v. McCain

It looks as if it is a two person race on each side of the political spectrum--Obama v. Clinton and Huckabee v. McCain.
In re: to the GOP, Romney is fading quickly in the polls (which will sorely dissapoint many of my friends who are avid supporters) and Thompson is only delaying the inevitable. McCain is surging in Michigan, South Carolina and Florida but, as Frank Luntz made clear after New Hampshire, the polls are not to be trusted. Huckabee's support among evangelicals is growing.
If I have to choose between Huckabee and McCain then I will go with Mike. However, I'm not as anti-McCain as many of my fellow conservatives. I'm no fan of McCain-Feingold or the Senator's votes on the Bush tax cuts, etc. but the man is solidly pro-life and understand that we are at war with Islamic fascists.
That being said, once Romney exits (which I predict he will after he falters in his home state of Michigan and Thompson withdraws after South Carolina) then I will support Huckabee without reservation even though the former governor needs a bit of spit and polish before locking horns with Billary or Obama.
More on the race later, but, in the meantime, MSNBC/NY Times has a good article on young evangelicals embracing Huckabee. Check it out over at the New York Times--
UPDATE: Bill Kristol stated on FOX News Sunday that Romney may win Michigan because his campaign is the only one focusing heavily on fiscal matters while McCain is making the mistake of trumpeting "experience." Michigan has been hit hard by Governor Granholm's leftist economic policies producing a 7.4% unemployment rate. We may be in for a truly long, bumpy primary season after all!