Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Why I'm Not A Liberal--Part Two

Have you seen Black Hawk Down? There is a disturbing scene near the beginning of the film in which a UN Peacekeeping Force must sit and watch as local warlords snatch food and medical supplies from hungry Somalians.
In an earlier post, I stated that one of the reasons I am not liberal is that despite all of the yapping from the left government programs do not really help the poor as much they help special interest groups, Democrat politician's' campaign coffers and the guilt most upper- and middle class folks feel about not helping the least among us.
There isn't much of a difference when it comes to international aid and the United Nations. Most modern liberals seem to think that if we just redistributed our wealth to 3rd world countries that everyone would love us and poverty would disappear. This ignores the stark reality of systemic corruption in other countries that siphon off such badly needed aid and can only be reformed by military and political means.
Those who place their faith in the United Nations naively believe that all, or at least the majority, of nations will behave rationally and often against their own narrow, short term self-interest despite the overwhelming evidence of thousands of years of human history to the contrary.
Ask yourself, wow many resolutions were passed against Saddam's Iraq without any real results? Remember the oil for food fiasco? How many resolutions have been passed and sanctions levied against middle eastern nations? Do we have peace? How many Jews lost their lives while the UK negotiated endlessly with the Nazis?
Some times force is necessary and no amount of tongue wagging, finger pointing and air drops will reform a twisted system.
Just another reason why I'm not a liberal.