Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Alpha & The Omega--Part 3

Happy New Year!

Finishing up the Alpha & The Omega (i.e., the real Jesus then and now): According to Rev. 14 and 19, the exalted Jesus who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords does not look like the dude who changes your oil anymore but a holy figure who makes war on his opponents with the armies of heaven arrayed behind him and presides over hell itself!

Again, my point is that one's view of Jesus can skew their reading of Scripture. Jesus was not a skinny, sweet little guy in a robe who just wants us all to get along. According to his own cousin, he holds a winnowing fork in his hand and will send billions to eternal torment in hell. Jesus is the warrior-king of all creation who will destroy his opponents and allow wild beasts to gorge themselves on their flesh. This is the one you worship in church and pray to on bended knees and this is the one who will judge you one day according to what you have done (see Rev. 20:12), so turn from sin and get busy!