Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gilmore on Authenticity

I've just started reading Jim Gilmore's book "Authenticity" and so far I highly recommend it. The book is a essentially a business book but is written by a solidly Reformed Evangelical.

I first learned of Gilmore a few months ago when he was at The Resurgence National Conference alongside John Piper and Mark Driscoll (check out the podcast at

Today the folks over at Christianity Today/Leadership have posted a few of Gilmore's thoughts (links to the left and under the heading about "staged worship experience"). Gilmore summarizes his book this way--

"Our new book talks about how different consumer sensibilities have emerged with the rise of different economies. With the shift from an agrarian to an industrial economy, cost emerged as the primary factor in buying. In going from an industrial economy to a service economy, the dominant concern became quality. Now, as we move into an experience economy where practically everything is staged, consumers seek authenticity."