Sunday, May 4, 2008

Raiding the Netlflix Vault

My wife and I took a break from raiding the classics section of Netflix and have switched to watching a horde of documentaries. Although, I'm still waiting to get "The Power of Forgiveness", I can heartily recommend the following: "For the Bible Tells Me So" is a progressive look at the Bible, the church and homosexuality. It is not in any way even handed but it is well done.
The same can be said for "An Inconvenient Truth", which, at heart, is nothing more then a glorified presentation of former Vice-President Al Gore's PowerPoint presentation on global warming. Gore has been rightly criticized for playing fast and loose with a number of his "facts" but the overall presentation is jarring.

"The Devil's Playground" is a poorly shot but very interesting look at the life of Amish teens and their journey through "Rumspringa", which is the process by which 16 year-olds are turned loose on the world until they decide to join or reject the Amish church. Watching Amish kids smoke, drink and even deal drugs while wrestling with their future is pretty strange but compelling stuff.

Finally, just for fun, I also recommend "King of Kong" about an unemployed engineer who challenges the longstanding Donkey Kong world record holder. Sounds geeky but it received rave reviews and was really fun to watch.

Check back for scant info on what I am calling "Project Mayhem."