Monday, May 5, 2008

Project Mayhem is Coming...

What if a group of Gen-X (30-44 year olds) and Gen-Y (14-29 year olds) came together to form a community in which they radically dedicated themselves to one principal--Jesus is Lord. What would that look like? What would that do to the surrounding area?
Now, keep in mind that in the ancient world a person could only have one true lord (or king). So, when the early Christians proclaimed that "Jesus is Lord" they were also saying "Caesar is not."
So, if 14-44 year olds (who are the target demographic of every major network not to mention web site, satellite radio, etc.) decided to truly declare that Jesus is Lord they would also be saying, "sex is not," "fame is not," "wealth is not," "comfort is not," "family is not," "entertainment is not," "the Republican Party is not," "the Democrat Party is not," etc., etc., etc.
What would that truly look like? What would happen? What type of glorious mayhem would such radical allegiance produce? Stay tuned.