Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why John McCain?

For nearly a decade I have heard voices within the evangelical church complain that every Republican candidate is the same. They all say "global warming is a myth", "the U.S. needs to speak with one voice when it comes to foreign policy", "we need to cut taxes (with no mention of accompanying spending cuts)", etc., etc., etc.

Now the Republican Party has finally nominated a person who is pro-life but also believes in global warming, openly challenged the Bush Administration on their Iraq War policy (while still humanely maintaining that any sudden pullout, like the one advocated by Obama, would result in a bloody ethnic civil war) and has pushed hard to cut government spending to accompany any reductions in taxes. Moreover, McCain is no "chicken hawk" but a true American hero.

So why are so many evangelicals, especially younger ones, running to Obama? Because of well written speeches about "hope" and "change" without any real substance to them? Because of his personality? Now those reasons would obviously be too shallow to move such deep thinkers (note sarcasm).

Well, maybe its because they want a true centrist? But Obama has one of the most extreme voting records in the senate while McCain does have a true moderate record. Well, perhaps its because Obama works with others so well and we desperately need bipartisanship? Yet, in interviews Obama has yet to point to a single instance where he has crossed party lines to work on bipartisan legislation.

Long live the cult of personality I guess!