Friday, June 27, 2008

The Case for God Part 2--The Fine Tuning Argument

In Tim Keller's modern masterpiece, "The Reason for God", he stacks together a number of compelling arguments for the existence of God. The second argument is widely known as the "fine tuning argument." In essence, it means that the earth has been so finely tuned for human life that the odds are that it was not the product of an accident but the work of an intelligent designer.

Eminent scientist Stephen Hawking puts it this way, "The odds against a universe emerging out of something like the Big Bang are enormous. I think there are clearly religions implications."

One may look at it this way, let's say you were shooting dice in a back alley with someone (apologies to Nazarenes) and your opponent threw five "6's". Pretty incredible. Let's say he did it again with his second roll. Wow! That rarely ever happens. Let's say he does it his third role. Okaaaay. Let's say he does it with his fourth and fifth role...what are we to conclude? He's cheating!!! The odds are simply against this being an accident. The same applies to all the conditions necessary for life on this planet. The odds are this is all no accident!.

Just a friendly reminder, the Revolution Crew are hijacking Christ's Community Church this weekend--both services (Sat. at 5 and 10:30am) will be ours (can you say moohaha?).

Please try to be at the Saturday service as we will be gathering in the old gym immediately afterwards for pizza (just like a lame youth group deal) and for a frank & open discussion about Revolution. I know that a lot of people are travelling (or selfishly celebrating their wedding anniversary! That's my shout out to the Pistoles), so invite anyone and everyone that might be interested in an emerging/missional deal in River Town.

Please let me know if you will be there so we know how much pizza to buy for you to throw down your gobs. Peace.