Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Project: Mayhem rolls on. This past weekend roughly 30 people came together to get to know each other, toast a couple who just came to Christ and hear, albeit briefly, about the end goal of Project: Mayhem, which is Revolution.
The idea, as I have stated before, is to build relationships that would constitute a core group of missionally minded young Christians who would commit themselves to growing as disciples through deep engagement with the classic spiritual disciplines and then reach out to others 18-40 who are quickly becoming, from a Christian perspective, "the lost generations."

Revolution will be a "ministry" (I hate that name and just about anything "churchy") that will be unorthodox in approach but thoroughly steeped in orthodox theology--think of punk/metal puritanism! or, as I crassly like to put it, historic Christianity without the bug up its a#*! And it's coming soon to Portsmouth, Ohio. Check back for more.