Thursday, June 12, 2008

Father's Day Gifts That Actually Serve The Kingdom

Don't know what to get Dad for Father's Day? Okay, put down the Brut by Faberge and consider buying something from a cool social justice ministry. If you scroll down to the left you'll see a set of links to a number of ministries that I think are solid. Nearly all of them have stores where you can buy anything from water bottles to wind breakers which will help these folks out.

For example, I bought my Dad a water bottle from Blood Water Mission (surprise!), a ministry that provides safe drinking water to African villages.

You can also buy polo shirts from Compassion International (my favorite) or bracelets (hey, I don't you Dad!) from Invisible Children, which helps children that are casualties of the ongoing violence in Uganda. You can also buy a necklace from Nightlight which helps victims of the sex slave industry in Bangkok.
But hey, if its too late to return that killer Nascar shirt from Wal-Mart you bought papa, then send a few bucks to these ministries anyway. You can sponsor a child from Compassion International for $36 a month and, if nothing else, you won't feel so guilty about those commercials with kids in mud holes covered in flies.