Monday, June 9, 2008

Dealing with Family Dysfunction Part 3

You should deal with your family they way that God deals with us, which is with love, commitment, grace, empowerment and intimacy. That goes double for dealing with kids.

I meet too many fathers who have some serious anger issues. They chuck a spaz whenever their kid does anything wrong. Hey, Bruce Banner, here's a newsflash, your kid is a friggin' kid. He or she doesn't spill water or drop a dook in their pants to back at you. Your kids aren't conspiring against you as if they were Baby Stewie from Family Guy. So, chill out and grant them a little grace. You screw up. So will they. God doesn't go Old Testament on you, so take a breath, clean up the crap and let your kid know that you love them no matter what. Got it. Good.